LA Lady Date Idea | Los Angeles Flower Mart Tour & Flower Arranging Class

A few Saturdays ago I enjoyed a wonderful lady date with two great friends touring the Los Angeles Flower Mart and taking a class on floral design with Kit & Casey, the sister team behind Flower Duet. Seems fitting to do a write up on our sisterly blog!  Continue reading


Benham’s LA Housewarming

Feels like forever since I’ve posted, it’s been a busy few weeks! Since finishing makeup classes I’ve continued to do practice on friends. Last week? Totally dedicated to whipping our house into shape. Now we’re a week post-housewarming and getting back to normal!

We bought our house in December (Merry Christmas to us!), renovated the kitchen and living space in January/February before moving in the first weekend in March. Here we are, almost six months later, and just getting around to a housewarming! To be fair… I could have used a few years to get the house to a presentable point BUT… we bought this house to entertain, and damnit – entertain we will!   Continue reading

RECAP: Day 2 – Day 4 at Ruby’s Makeup Academy

Hi there, friends!

Thank you all for the sweet comments and “liking” us on Facebook and Instagram (← click the links if you haven’t yet!!). We’re almost two weeks into this blogging thing and seems to be pretty OK so far 🙂

Wanted to post a little update on my last few days (photos below are from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at Ruby’s Makeup Academy being taught by the lovely @LipstickNick.    Continue reading