Life with a Dane: Lessons Learned


Hey all, welcome back to the blog.  I received a happy reminder from Facebook this morning.  What, you ask?  Two years ago today was the day Kenne and I made Remington a part of our family!


Remington is a two year old, black Great Dane weighing in at about 130 pounds.  He stands over a foot taller than me on his hind legs. Yep, my dog is bigger than me.

The past two years with Remi, aka Allie’s neph-pup, have been an adventure and I want to share a little bit about what I’ve learned from living with a giant dog.  All you Great Dane (and other giant breed) owners can relate, but for those of you who don’t own a dog the size of a human here is a glimpse into the joys of owning a BIG dog.

Is that a horse?  Where is his saddle?

Those are questions we hear quite often, as in almost every time we walk him.  Remi is an attention getter and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Kenne and I have gotten to meet lots of wonderful people and pups becausIMG_0943e he turns heads.

Watch out for that tail!  I’m not kidding, it hurts when he gets happy tail and you accidentally step in the way.  Seeing that tail wag and knowing how excited Remi is when we come home from work everyday is worth the occasional tail slap though.

He eats A LOT.  I’m talking 3 to 4 pounds a day.  We feed Remi the raw diet so he eats a mixture of raw chicken (with the bones), beef, and sweet potatoes.  His coat his super-shiny and soft plus the cost is comparable, if not less expensive, than regular dry dog food.

And he drools a lot too.  We don’t leave the house without a slobber rag and we keep lots of towels close to his water bowl.  The waterworks really start when he smells apples or peanut butter.  Gotta love the drool monster!

IMG_2232Our bed doesn’t belong to us anymore.  Remi is like a cat in a dog’s body.  He will sit in your lap like he weighs 3 pounds and curl up on your feet at bedtime.  The problem is he doesn’t stay curled up in that nice little ball.  By the time you wake up, he’s either gotten his head up to your pillow or managed to push you to the very edge of the bed and taken all the blankets.  He is scared of just about everything too – including the wind.  No joke.

IMG_0996I’m not going to lie, caring for a giant dog is a lot of work and it’s not cheap, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s true that Danes are gentle giants and Remi is no different.  He is spoiled rotten and needy as hell, but I love him and I’m so glad he became part of our family two years ago.

Until next time! – Kate


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