Kyle’s 30th Birthday Bash

Party planning is one of my favorite things of all time. From a small get together with friends to full-blown events (I helped organize a Care Bears Brunch in New York back in July), parties are a passion of mine. So for Kyle’s 30th birthday, I’d been planning for a few years.  Continue reading


catching up on 2016

Here we are one year later!  It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Allie and I decided to dive in to this blog adventure.  I know the past few months (well, most of this year) we’ve been off the grid, but we are back and determined to keep this thing going.  To echo what Allie said – we really do appreciate the support we’ve received from all of you who followed along with us. So, lets catch up! Continue reading

One Year Later

This time last year, I had high hopes for this little blog of ours. Hopes rooted in great intentions – to write more, to keep up with Kate (and family) better, to have a creative outlet and see where it would take us. One year ago today we were “launching” to see what might become of a little family/travel/lifestyle/fun times blog. Continue reading

Italia Amore

Italy – check that one off the bucket list!  I finally visited a country I’ve always wanted to experience and it was nothing short of amazing.

Kenne and I departed on 10 October for Rome.  It was a bit damp when we arrived but we were determined to make the most of it.  We scoped out a place for lunch in a torrential downpour while we waited to check into our Air B&B.  There was a bustling outdoor farmers’ market happening in the square as we enjoyed our food and wine.  The next morning we met at Piazza Navona for a walking tour of the city and ancient ruins.  We checked out the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum.   Continue reading

Why I joined Beautycounter…

…Something I never saw coming!

In April 2014, I married my husband. We were in for a tough ride, as my mother passed away from cancer at the age of 64 just three months later. She was a true caretaker – a stay-at-home mother for most of our young lives, a hospice nurse and a wellness coordinator. Prior to the wedding I had multiple bouts of severe dermatitis on my face, neck and chest.  Like we all do, I always called Mom when things went wrong. She told me time and time again… “it’s all that crap you use, just try soap & water!” But I thought I knew better and off to Sephora I went for a miracle cream… to no avail. Continue reading