Allie’s List

Hmm, my bucket list of things to do. Well, let’s break it up into two categories to start: 1. Before 30 and 2. Before I Die

Before 30

  1. DIY landscape the backyard
  2. Take a floral design class See more here!
  3. Travel to Amsterdam (and a handful of other places on the list!)
  4. Be fit and healthy
  5. Learn calligraphy
  6. Rid my house of toxic ingredients
  7. Throw Kyle an epic 30th birthday party
  8. Attempt pickling Thanks, Gourmandise!
  9. Find work I’m passionate about
  10. Visit Kate & Kenne in Germany!

Before I Die

  1. Own and travel the country in an RV (preferably an Airstream)
  2. Be a loving owner to a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  3. Rent a lake/beach house for two weeks and invite everyone we can
  4. Learn graphic design (Photoshop/Illustrator)
  5. Start and succeed in a business venture
  6. Renovate a kitchen  
  7. Become a better photographer
  8. Have kids
  9. Learn & master making cabbage rolls and sour soup
  10. Own and run a property suitable for events (venue, warehouse, barn?!)
  11. Have a weeping willow tree
  12. Design and build the coolest play/treehouse ever (I am a giant child)
  13. Go to THUNDER in Louisville… and the Derby!
  14. Design and build the house of our dreams!
  15. Have more animals than people in our household (we’re even right now)

Kyle & Allie’s Movie List (AKA: The always growing list of movies we (ahem, Allie) still need to see)

  1. Gremlins 1&2
  2. Innerspace
  3. Captain Ron
  4. Three Fugitives
  5. Surf Ninjas
  6. Clifford
  7. Out of Sight
  8. Almost Famous
  9. Pans Labyrinth
  10. Susperia
  11. Jacob’s Ladder
  12. Frailty
  13. Demons 1985
  14. Nightbreed
  15. Silent Hill

3 thoughts on “Allie’s List

  1. Victoria Korosi says:

    Got you covered on the cabbage rolls and sour soup. We are so overdue on a chat but happy as hell for you on the new endeavor. As far as modeling is concerned Maryellen was the sole benefactor of my ignorance/ patience in our youth… and there were tears, promise. Go Allie!


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