RECAP: Day 2 – Day 4 at Ruby’s Makeup Academy

Hi there, friends!

Thank you all for the sweet comments and “liking” us on Facebook and Instagram (← click the links if you haven’t yet!!). We’re almost two weeks into this blogging thing and seems to be pretty OK so far 🙂

Wanted to post a little update on my last few days (photos below are from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at Ruby’s Makeup Academy being taught by the lovely @LipstickNick.   

Tomorrow, Friday (WHAT!? That flew by!) we’re spending the morning on more tutorials, but the afternoon is a competition and we’ll create a look we’ve been wanting to work on. I have something in mind so stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Ok – bedtime after binge-watching a few Desperate Housewives episodes. Oh yes, we are in deep over here.



PS: Click on the photos to make them larger, if you want a closer look.

Day Two (Tuesday)

This was the first full makeup we performed. My lovely partner – also named Alexandra! – presented an interesting challenge: tattooed eyebrows. We matched them up and off I went…


 Day Three (Wednesday)

Smokey Eye and Bridal. First up, Smokey Eye. Went a little bronzey on the smokey eye – wish I’d gone a bit darker, but overall still a fun look.


Part two: Bridal Business & Consultations. We asked each other about our “upcoming weddings.” My “bride” Lily had one request… which I failed to give her: black lipstick. Alas – I think this could totally be  a bridal look for the right lady?!


Day Four (Thursday)

Period Makeup + Cut Crease Glam. First up: My 50’s-inspired makeup where I turned Camille into a modernized “Rosie the Riveter” if you will.


Part two: Cut Crease Glam. My partner, Tatiana, joked all afternoon that I turned her into a unicorn and she turned me into a mermaid… oh darn, no picture! 😉 Although as I told her to show her teeth when she smiled, I got a few heckles from the other girls… But I mean – look how gorgeous!!! It’s a thing!



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