So how about that two weeks on/one week off thing?!

Whoops – how did this whole week go by without a single post?! We are slacking! To be fair, it’s been busy. Kate is consumed with work and very little play (seriously, she needs to start planning that Italy VACAY!!)…

Sorry, hold please… I rhymed. Sigh, I’m going to leave it.

And I, on the other side, have been consumed with whipping our house into shape for our housewarming party this weekend. Really I mean… having Kyle whip the house into shape. Already we’ve (he’s) replaced a faucet requiring only TWO trips to Home Depot, hung a gallery art wall in our dining room with a few profanities and put up shelving in our master bedroom with a lotta profanities. That was ONE day of projects…. He’s had four. Photos to come after our next project: cleaning.

Already made good progress this week and, like a dummy, I only took pictures of one “tiny” little project…

My makeup drawer. 

Now, most everyone that knows me (and anyone who reads this blog or follows us on Instagram) knows I love makeup. But when presented with the challenge of fitting everything I need in the morning into one drawer, I thought it was about time to separate my passion for collecting makeup with my daily necessities.

So I started trashing things – mostly cracked powders, over used mascaras and tiny samples I never really knew if I liked. I ended up with everything in this drawer:


Yep, that’s AFTER I tossed out a great deal of junk…

Mind the measuring tape – I was preparing to go in search of cute trays to organize. I didn’t have great luck in that department, but I will say – these are affordable. $.97 for a pack of these three “cartons” at the store we all love to hate…



And the after. Now, I don’t think I’ve revolutionized drawer organization or anything – but me fitting in everything I use regularly into one drawer?! It’s a miiiiiiiiracle! Spot anything in there you like?!

The rest of my goods are now safely packed away in a box labeled “future makeup kit” because first, I need to buy an artist bag!! (More on that… soon?!)

On a separate yet related note…

The end of makeup school!! My week-long class ended last Friday, almost a full week ago. I shared most of my work from class here, but I didn’t share my FINAL look. We could choose to do any style we wanted (pin-up, smokey eye, bridal – oh my!) so I picked something I KNOW I need to work on…. GLITTER GLAM!


I went for the Cleopatra look – her eyes were perfect! I still see areas I would work on (ahem… not to mention timing: we had two hours and I spent about 1.75 of them on her brows/eyes and the other .25 on putting on her face!!) but it was out of my comfort zone but I finished!

So, between organizing, decorating and hacking holes into the house – I’ve been meeting up with new clients (read: good friends who allow me to play on their faces) to keep sharp. I’ve done two makeups so far this week and another tomorrow. I messed up the photos on the first run (sorry, Whitney!! Round 2?!) Alas, here’s Holly from today:


Neutral & diverse for a busy day as a wedding planner/coordinator!!

Been busier being unemployed than I have been in a very long time! Still not sure exactly what’s next over here, but having fun so far trying to find it.

And I will leave you with that! More to come post-housewarming and always.



PS: Here’s a thing I like to do for perspective! I add important places in my weather app for a quick look at the time and weather my friends & family are having! Good morning, Kate!



2 thoughts on “So how about that two weeks on/one week off thing?!

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Allie, I’m exhausted just reading about what you & Kyle are doing and accomplishing, you go!!! Your ladies faces look amazing! I do the same thing with the weather app :)))))

    Liked by 1 person

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