Kyle’s October Movie Calendar

So, somehow the month of September passed us by. We flew to Portland, I interviewed for jobs and Kyle had a birthday but… will try harder not to disappear for months at a time.

I present to you… Kyle’s October Movie Calendar! The first of it’s kind! 


My husband is an avid movie watcher and, for whatever reason, I am much more of a TV gal. Maybe it’s an attention span thing, or the fact that whenever I watch a movie I’m pretty much OK with it – rarely do I really love, or really hate, a movie. So, I just don’t think of them all that often.

Every year, Kyle rambles through the month of September a list of scary, horror movies he wants to watch leading up to Halloween. If it were me, we’d be watching Scream 1-4 and Hocus Pocus… that’s about it. And every year, we fall short and never watch the movies we set out to sit through. But not this year….

This year, he put it on paper. I always do better when I put it on paper. And here is the October line-up!

  • October 1st – The Monster Squad
  • October 3rd – Frailty
  • October 6th – Amityville Horror
  • October 9th – Gremlins Double Feature
  • October 15th – Pans Labyrinth
  • October 16th – Chopping Mall (by request, and will have an accompanying themed dinner!)
  • October 17th – The Others
  • October 20th – Night Breed
  • October 23rd – Suspiria (hearing good things about this one…)
  • October 26th – The Orphanage
  • October 28th – Poltergeist
  • October 30th – Zombieland
  • October 31st – Crimson Peak

May just have to keep doing these, as we have an ongoing list of movies we (read: I) need to see. I’ve made it this far without having ever seen The Matrix though, so I think I’m doing OK.




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