DAY ONE: Ruby’s Makeup School

Hi friends, Allie here!

Super quick update on my first day at Ruby’s Makeup Academy. It’s almost 8pm and I’m WIPED – but in the best way possible. Bonus: I came home to a home cooked meal (thanks, Kyle!!!) and am sitting down to watch I Am Chris Farley on the DVR. Good night, ya’ll.

10445917_10106068013194779_4450675906009253123_nBut first – DAY ONE!

Yes, awww… my husband took a “first day of school” photo. Also this may be the only photo on the internet of me without a stitch of makeup on. Whoa buddy.

We started the morning with the essentials. Sanitation, skin tones, how to navigate skin issues, etc. First hands on lesson was setting up our station and matching foundation to our partner’s skin tone. Picture of my setup is below, but I forgot to get a pic before and after matching mRuby1y partner. Doh.

Just before lunch – the master, the legend and my new teacher Lipstick Nick arrived. It was a little unnerving seeing her in person for the first time after seeing so much of her on Instagram. I had to refrain from referencing things I know about her from her online persona as to not come off as a big ‘ole creep. I think I succeeded but I’m guessing she noticed the nervous laughter and little dance I did every time she visited my station.

DSC_0004Here’s a sneak peek as to what the classroom looks like. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s got the right lighting and appropriate counter space to get the job done.

And finally – the only ‘before and after’ I took today. AND, my before was taken after I’d already matched foundation, so you don’t get the magical unveiling feel. I’ll do better guys, I promise. *facepalm*

Before (left) is foundation only. After (right) is post-highlight and contour, with a touch of mascara and lipgloss. Notice the subtle shading of the forehead and cheeks. Isn’t my partner gorgeous?! sidebyside finalShe is a fresh high school graduate and nearly 10 years my junior, but we had a blast!

There you have it – day one in a nutshell. And now I am signing off to spend two hours with my loving husband (did I mention him enough in this post?! Did I mention he drove to school to bring me lunch!!??) before I fall asleep promptly at 10pm.

Thanks for reading and following my experience. More to come!




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