Hello again, everyone!  As another weekend comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about beginnings.  One year ago, Allie and I began our adventures in blogging.   Close to the same time last year, I began a new relationship in my life.  It was love…well, puppy love 🙂

As most of you know, Kenne and I are lovers of big dogs.  We got our first Great Dane, Remington (aka Remi), in August of 2013.  After having Remi as part of our family for about a year, we decided that it was time to start looking for a pet sibling for him.  We were   very interested in rescuing a dog, but it didn’t work out.  Too many dogs felt threatened by Remi because of his size.  After we tried the rescue route a few times, we finally decided our second dog needed to be a Dane.

Last summer, Kenne stumbled upon a website about Danes here in Germany.  What he failed to realize before he showed it to me was that Dolce Vita, the featured female pup, was pregnant and ready to have puppies any day!  We met the breeders from Deutsche Doggen vom Hause Silengo, Jens, Bianca, and of course mama dog Vita, last August and decided we wanted to add one of the puppies to the Crocker family.  Roxy, originally Alina, was born 20 August 2015 and came home to us in October.  She has kept us on our toes ever since.  She has literally eaten just about everything we own, but she is truly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.  Happy first birthday, Roxy!


I haven’t embarked on my next beginning yet as it’s something I just learned about this weekend.  I saw something on FaceBook about bullet journaling, or bujo to enthusiasts.  This method of journaling is a mash-up of a to-do list, a diary, and a planner.  The link I saw was intriguing, but when I took a closer look I immediately thought “nope, this seems way too hard.”  After I did more reading and realized I didn’t have to be a professional artist to try it, I became really interested.  This type of journaling appeals to me because I like to be organized and keep things in one place, but quite honestly I haven’t succeeded with this using the loads of technology I have at my fingertips.  So, I thought, lets go back to basics (or pen and paper in this case).  If you’re interested in learning more about what I’m talking about, check this article out.

And on the subject of beginnings, tomorrow begins another work week.  With that, I’m off to bed.  More to come on my new journal project soon!












One thought on “beginnings

  1. Peggy Kempton says:

    Aww. Kate I love your dogs! I am a dog lover too! Chocolate labs here!!! And you know old people like me live vicariously thru you young people! Your mother would love that you and Allie are doing this! Even though I haven’t seen y’all since you were little I always loved you and your Mom! (Unfortunately Mark and Bob lost their way somewhere..their loss!!!!!) We had some great times together when y’all visited us in Georgia. Life changes..we move on…but trust me..we all live thru our young loved ones! Much love to you both and I look forward to your posts!!! xoxo


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