catching up on 2016

Here we are one year later!  It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Allie and I decided to dive in to this blog adventure.  I know the past few months (well, most of this year) we’ve been off the grid, but we are back and determined to keep this thing going.  To echo what Allie said – we really do appreciate the support we’ve received from all of you who followed along with us. So, lets catch up!

Kenne and I have certainly stayed busy this year.  We visited Copenhagen and Prague, and we made our first trip back to the U.S. earlier this year too. I can’t say I’d go back to Copenhagen in the winter, but I would defnitely visit again.  The people were friendly, the food was unique, and the city was beautiful!


In June, we finally made it to Prague and it was everything I expected it to be.  To make the trip even better, we got to catch up with one of our best friends, Michael, and even stumbled upon a random Latin festival while we were there!

5C5C87B7-DC4A-4DF8-9F9E-C5E7E0E4FC2BKenne and I also attended our first German wedding in May when our friends, Pia and Cornelius, tied the knot.  All in all it wasn’t much different from a wedding in the States except, of course, we didn’t understand much since it was all in German!  We had a wonderful time celebrating their big day and getting to share in the festivities with their friends and family.IMG_2383

Last month, my lovely cousin, Anna, paid us a visit en route to her WorkAway program in France.  We love having visitors and it was great to spend time with her for a few days.  We even got to check out a new festival while she was here!

Those are just a handful of the highlights from this year, and there are more to come!  Please stick with us as we continue this little blog of ours.

Allie – tag, you’re it!

Bis Später! – Kate




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