Updates from LA

So a few big things are in the works here in Los Angeles and thought I’d take a moment to share before everything ramps up! Also, Halloween is right around the corner so it’s time to prepare the house and our costumes! Check out my updates below…

Update #1: I’m going to start consulting with BeautyCounter. Trust me, direct sales was never something I thought was in the cards for me – but BeautyCounter is not just about sales, it’s a mission. They aim to bring safe beauty products to everyone and educate women who are buying for their homes, husbands and children. If you’re interested in eliminating the carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals that may be hiding in your makeup, hair and body products… give me a shout.

Update #2: I’m cutting back on social media, mainly Facebook. I’m doing this by deleting the app on my phone – something I would check almost hourly. Now I’m forced to sit down at my computer should I want to dive in and I often only get a chance to do this once or twice a day. So, I’m not ignoring anyone’s posts or messages – I just don’t check as often! I am trying out Snapchat however, should that be of interest to you. Username: alliebenham

So, I think that’s the news for now. I’m planning more posts specifically about things Kyle & I have been doing in LA, Beautycounter and how I’m cleaning house as well as the upcoming HOLIDAYS! Trying to  get back on track and more fun – less of these boring bullet points 🙂

Also look forward to Kate’s recap of their trip to Italy and welcoming home Roxy, the newest great dane in the Crocker house!




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