One Year Later

This time last year, I had high hopes for this little blog of ours. Hopes rooted in great intentions – to write more, to keep up with Kate (and family) better, to have a creative outlet and see where it would take us. One year ago today we were “launching” to see what might become of a little family/travel/lifestyle/fun times blog.

But then, as it tends to do, life got in the way. Whether it was not having time or not making enough time, we didn’t update. And then weeks kept passing by and suddenly poor little Blog sat here for over six months with no love and no update. As we approached August 1st (our one year anniversary) I was reminded of our neglected site when the time came to renew the domain.

So here we are – Kate and I have agreed that starting today we’ll TRY to update weekly, but in reality realize it will probably be a bi-weekly occurrence. But hey, there’s two of us so if I update this week, she’ll be on next week and you’ll have reading material as long as we continue. But thank you to everyone who has encouraged us to keep this going, despite how ‘in our heads’ about it we may be. While we don’t think these words on the screen matter, maybe somewhere to someone they do.

Sunrise Laps

Took this series of photos around 6-6:30am last week. Each photo was a lap around the walking track next to our house. Good reason to get up and seize the day!

January seems so far away, yet like it was just a few weeks ago. Much has happened since my last update and I’ll catch up over the course of the next few posts but so far in 2016 Kyle and I have attended three weddings (one of which was this weekend) and we have one more to go, we’ve done quite a bit of traveling and enjoyed our annual Freudenfest in Oldenburg and I’ve been working… a lot.

In addition to Beautycounter I’ve been working with The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica since November 2015 and with the lovable, huggable Care Bears since April. Certainly keeping busy but also trying to balance work with exploring new passions and taking more classes. Next on the list are exploring Graphic Design, Photography and Calligraphy!

Today, in addition to hitting the restart button on the blog, is my first day of another Whole30 challenge. Thankfully Kyle is up for the challenge too (it makes it so much easier!) as is my dear friend, Kelly, and new work friend, Jenn. With this great group of people behind me, I’m ready to take on the next 29 days. Didn’t do my best job meal planning for the week, but there’s a steak and some pre-cut sweet potatoes just waiting to be spiced and baked into fries.

And with that, my rumbling stomach and I will leave you. Thanks again for sticking with us even when we didn’t stick with it. We’re working on it!





7 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. Ann Lazar says:

    Oh, my gosh! You’re back! I ❤️ You! So happy you’re having fun! YOUR jobs sound fabulous! I wish you, Kate, Kyle, Kenne and all your pets every happiness! 👋🏻


  2. Joyce Clark says:

    I am very happy you have decided to continue this little project. Can’t wait for any installment. They always make me smile. Love you both to the moon and back!


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