Kyle’s 30th Birthday Bash

Party planning is one of my favorite things of all time. From a small get together with friends to full-blown events (I helped organize a Care Bears Brunch in New York back in July), parties are a passion of mine. So for Kyle’s 30th birthday, I’d been planning for a few years. 

I’d known for quite some time that I wanted to throw Kyle a Tommy Boy-themed birthday party, probably for the past two years or so. January 2016 rolls around, I actively started seeking out venues. Unfortunately for me in LA, venues are totally cost-prohibitive. Where I would have saved myself the stress of food & drinks, I would have had no budget for the fun stuff that would MAKE the party. So one month away from the big day it was decided to have it at the Benham House in lovely North Hollywood.

While it was more stressful making sure the house was in tip-top shape for the 50+ people coming to enjoy, it was definitely the way to go. We set up tables in the driveway, beer pong and a whole fridge of beer in the garage and a fire pit & photo fun in the back yard. Plus a little flair for those using the restroom inside the house too…

I even had a geo-filter created for anyone SnapChatting from Kyle’s party. I was probably the only one who used it, but we got a kick out of it. I have a two-minute recap “video” from Saturday night, but sadly I’ve just realized our blog plan doesn’t allow video. Likewise, leave a comment below if you would like a custom “Benham’s 30th Birthday Bash/Callahan Auto Parts” Beer Koozie! We’ve got extras!

WAIT: If you’re not familiar with Tommy Boy or need a refresher, watch this “Best Of” compilation on YouTube. It’s not the same as watching the hilarious, heart-warming movie (streaming now on Netflix) but you’ll at least understand most of the photos.


My favorite party planning yet for my favorite person to plan everything with. Cheers to another 30 years, Benham.



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