DAY ONE: Ruby’s Makeup School

Hi friends, Allie here!

Super quick update on my first day at Ruby’s Makeup Academy. It’s almost 8pm and I’m WIPED – but in the best way possible. Bonus: I came home to a home cooked meal (thanks, Kyle!!!) and am sitting down to watch I Am Chris Farley on the DVR. Good night, ya’ll.

10445917_10106068013194779_4450675906009253123_nBut first – DAY ONE! Continue reading

Back to School!

In less than one week I begin an adventure I’ve wanted to take for YEARS! What took me so long? Oh, just real life and work and stuff… but as we all know now, I’m in this interesting position with no 9-5 job (some consulting here and there) and the drive to find something I’m passionate about. First thing that came to mind? MAKEUP. Continue reading