About to CLEAN HOUSE….

Allie here, quick food for thought…

Today I went to one of those “product parties” and this afternoon… I find myself wanting to host one of those parties. WHAT?!

So many different miracle products circulating these days – we see them on shelves and online, so a few facts today had me rethinking everything I bring into my house – makeup, beauty and cleaning products… not to mention the food! I mean look:


Europe restricts over 1,300 to chemicals from our products, and the US restricts 11?! I’ve had a pit in my stomach all afternoon about all of the makeup in my collection, let alone the cabinets filled with stockpiled soaps and cleaners. Don’t even get me started on microbeads – why oh why are they in anything, and who said it would be a good idea in toothpaste?

Want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole? Check out Beauty Counter’s “Health and Cosmetic Safety” guide here, and test the products you have at home and/or are buying soon with EWG’s Skin Deep Database (also available as an app with barcode scanner!!)

More to come on The Beauty Counter… and leave a comment if you would attend an afternoon of small bites and beauty education at the Benham house 🙂 For now I will leave you with…

The Never List

The list of ingredients to never use, and check your labels before you buy!

theneverlistbw 8x10



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